Top 5 Places To Visit In The Whitsundays On Your Yacht Charter

If you have ever been to Australia, you might see that there is so much to discover that your holidays are often merely enough to plan on visiting each destination. If you are a first time visitor then the only thing that can be suggested is to plan carefully for there are so many different destinations that you can explore that you might get overwhelmed. One such destination is the whitsundays that is a combination of 74 islands and some of them are inhabited. But these islands are surrounded by the great blue sea cornered with a shore of white sand. They have dense rainforests and hiking trails that can all be enjoyed greatly. To help you which places you should have on the top of your list, we have picked these places where you can go on a Pittwater yacht charter journey

Turtle bay

Turtle bay is one of the largest islands that is located on the whitsundays. You will find this enormous island filled with tropical fishes and sea turtles. The cute, tiny turtle babies will just leave you in awe. Here, you will have a great view not only above the sea but also below, for it is a great place for snorkelling.

Cateran bay

This island is a secluded area of lush green bushes and trees. From your journey of the yacht charter, you will be subjected to a romantic spot for couples. This private piece of land will offer you a great view of the sea colliding with the green of the bushes.

Hamilton island

This particular piece of island is more of a family island that is populated because of the various things available here. You can take a glimpse of golfing, shopping in different arenas and enjoying a great dinner at a restaurant; a treat for every person.

Nara inlet

This island is a small piece of island that has tall cliffs surrounding buzzing waterfalls. You can anchor your yacht charter at the anchoring point and enjoy the narrow tunnel leading to the magnificent waterfall. The cliffs have various caves and one of these caves has the ancient cave paintings designed by Aboriginal Ngar.

Whitehaven beach

This place of the whitsundays is the most popular travel destination in the world. The turquoise, clear water that joins the white sandy beaches is a treat that leaves the explorers amazed with the beauty of tropical islands. It will provide you with the calm of the water splashing against your feet, a journey on your yacht charter will help you to snorkelling and swimming in the blue sea. A popular but quiet travel destination for your lazy sundays.

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