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Top 5 Places To Visit In The Whitsundays On Your Yacht Charter

Top 5 Places To Visit In The Whitsundays On Your Yacht Charter

If you have ever been to Australia, you might see that there is so much to discover that your holidays are often merely enough to plan on visiting each destination. If you are a first time visitor then the only thing that can be suggested is to plan carefully for there are so many different destinations that you can explore that you might get overwhelmed. One such destination is the whitsundays that is a combination of 74 islands and some of them are inhabited. But these islands are surrounded by the great blue sea cornered with a shore of white sand. They have dense rainforests and hiking trails that can all be enjoyed greatly. To help you which places you should have on the top of your list, we have picked these places where you can go on a Pittwater yacht charter journey

Turtle bay

Turtle bay is one of the largest islands that is located on the whitsundays. You will find this enormous island filled with tropical fishes and sea turtles. The cute, tiny turtle babies will just leave you in awe. Here, you will have a great view not only above the sea but also below, for it is a great place for snorkelling.

Cateran bay

This island is a secluded area of lush green bushes and trees. From your journey of the yacht charter, you will be subjected to a romantic spot for couples. This private piece of land will offer you a great view of the sea colliding with the green of the bushes.

Hamilton island

This particular piece of island is more of a family island that is populated because of the various things available here. You can take a glimpse of golfing, shopping in different arenas and enjoying a great dinner at a restaurant; a treat for every person.

Nara inlet

This island is a small piece of island that has tall cliffs surrounding buzzing waterfalls. You can anchor your yacht charter at the anchoring point and enjoy the narrow tunnel leading to the magnificent waterfall. The cliffs have various caves and one of these caves has the ancient cave paintings designed by Aboriginal Ngar.

Whitehaven beach

This place of the whitsundays is the most popular travel destination in the world. The turquoise, clear water that joins the white sandy beaches is a treat that leaves the explorers amazed with the beauty of tropical islands. It will provide you with the calm of the water splashing against your feet, a journey on your yacht charter will help you to snorkelling and swimming in the blue sea. A popular but quiet travel destination for your lazy sundays.



Finding a home is never easy, especially if you are in an unknown country.

The price of houses has been growing in recent years as well as the cost of living in Australia . Making an economy by moving to a decent home has become a business! Fortunately, the most difficult part of finding accommodation is that of finding a home, because the renting procedures in Australia are really simple and immediate.

To begin with, know that it is always easier to find accommodation once you are in Australia rather than doing research from Italy. You might therefore consider staying a week in a hostel and looking for accommodation. In the hostels there could be some boards with announcements of various types, among which you could find the house that suits you. Furthermore, you could meet other people who are looking for a home and work with them, exchanging useful information.

The main question is: where to find a home in Australia? First of all you can rely on internet sites, where you can also see some photos of the houses that interest you. My recommendation is always to be careful in identifying reliable sites and distinguish them from those that are not: internet scams are a sad reality today, so keep your eyes open! Don’t forget that you can find ads for homes for sale and for rent also in newspapers.

The two most important sites where you can find a home in Australia both for rent and for sale are and . You can consult to find also houses for rent between individuals or single rooms (the latter are very used by backpackers and students).

Even if you seem to have found the perfect home for you, I suggest you always check the area in which it is located by using Google Maps to learn about the city you have chosen and look for information on neighborhoods that are reliable and those that are best avoided. . Of course there are many places where you might find yourself well, but you might consider finding a home in Australia in one of the Australia’s best cities to live in .

Visiting an accommodation or a house before renting it is decisive for your final choice. Real estate agencies usually pre-define a day when the house or apartment is open , that is , anyone can go and visit it and ask the real estate agent for information. If this option is not available for the home you are interested in, then contact the real estate agent at the number you will find in the ad to make a personal appointment.

If you can’t afford to spend big sums at the start of your new life in Australia, you might also consider finding a roommate. Consider that if you are interested in renting only one room, know that the prices vary unlike the area, but in principle you can talk about $ 170 a week for a single room and 120 for a double.

In any case, I advise you to be very careful in your choice: you will have to find a person with a character compatible with yours and who has social behaviors similar to yours. It is usually more complicated to share a home with a person with very different habits than yours: often cultural differencesthey could be difficult to manage. If you want to have a more precise idea of ​​what it means to share a home, read also the article sharing room in Australia: the guide .

If you are a student in Australia for a certain period of time, you can also consider staying with a family not only to reduce accommodation costs, but also to enrich yourself with a unique cultural experience. We at Portale Australia can help you find the right family for you, thanks to the collaboration with the Australian Homestay Network , that is the largest Australian provider that deals with finding accommodation with a family for off-site or overseas students. If you want more information about it, contact us by clicking on the contact section at the top right!

How to find cheap accommodation in Australia

How to find cheap accommodation in Australia

Make friends with the locals by renting a room in someone’s home. Hospitality exchanges are a popular option among travelers because they allow them to save money and are a great way to get information on local attractions. So you can save a lot of money and at the same time make many new friends everywhere.

Coachsurfing is an easy to use site, has 600,000 members and will put you in touch with someone willing to offer a sofa or bed for free. Some will simply offer you a free place to sleep, others will offer you room and board as a tour guide – it’s a matter of luck!

Are you worried about being with a stranger? Most of the people who will host you are composed of travelers like you who love their nation and simply want to help, and in any case there are various ways to verify that your host is in order.

The profile of your host
Make sure there is a picture in the profile and that this person has made the effort to provide his personal details, because this is a sign that has serious intentions.

If there are so many positive reviews, then you will know that those who stayed with those who will host you had a positive experience. offers various levels of verification. For example, checks can be made through other travelers, through an address or with a credit card.

This site, although simpler to follow as a design, offers a similar service. Inside the site you will find a forum where members can exchange opinions and it’s free.

Members are advised to check each other’s passports and usually have to send an email to the host to get an idea of ​​what kind of person he is. Of course, it’s up to you to decide and if you have any doubts, then forget it.

Global Freeloaders
This site was created in Australia, so you will find many people who could host you and other travelers. Profiles are more meager than other sites, but the site allows you to send messages to various owners at the same time when you request accommodation.

This site represents a network of exchange between your home and that of others for a certain number of weeks or up to 12 months, so you must have a property available for an exchange if you intend to use this site. It focuses more on accommodation than on people because you will not have to live with others.

When you find good people willing to host you and take advantage of the situation frequently, you will have fun, meet local people and save hundreds of dollars.

  1. Hostels

The hostels offer cheap accommodation, various services and the possibility of sharing the same accommodation with others; they are also a great way to meet other people. They are, in most cases, safe and don’t charge that much. In addition to dormitories, many hostels offer private rooms for lone travelers and couples with shared bathrooms and showers. Furthermore, they offer a choice between dormitories for both sexes or for individuals of the same sex, which cost less than private rooms.

Hostels offer many more hotel services, such as laundry, computers, and a shared kitchen, which is very useful if you stay in one place for a long time.

In some hostels, the bigger ones, you will find general information, along with job advertisements, and you can also book tours or excursions. Many hostels organize events, so you can relax and make new friends.